Song Portfolio

''Never Meant To Be''

'Never Meant To Be' is about a relationship break down that shows a mans very possessive love for his partner. The man is ignorant to his partners emotions feeling only sorry for himself.

''Sorry Hun''

'Sorry Hun' is about domestic violence and abuse. The woman is trying not to 'lose herself' from her controlling/violent husband. The message should be shared 'Ask For Ani' (ACTION NEEDED IMMEDIATELY).

''Daddy's Girl''

The lyrics in this song truly captures the love of a father towards his daughter. The song relates to a parent feeling empty and lost as their cherised loved one moves on and leaves the family home. 

''Heavens To Betsy''

This song is about a brave man that meets a woman with a family of four children.

''Christmas 2020''

Covid cases in the UK were soaring throughout Christmas 2020. This song is a poignant reminder of Christmas 2020.

''No Shame''

'No Shame' is a thought provoking political song.